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MILANO 06/F - 1BR JR - 37sqm
  • MILANO 06/F - 1BR JR - 37sqm


    Intelligently furnished with storage everywhere from the living room and kitchen down to the dining room, bedroom and bathroom. 


    One of the very few units with a vanity desk for putting on make up for the ladies, or working late nights for the gents. 


    I have a vast range of units available which might not be advertised yet so please don't hesitate to inquire.


    RATE will vary depending on length of stay and request/s of additional items


    PARKING can be included for only P5k/mo
    OTHER PROPERTIES in the same and other residences are also available and might not be advertised yet so please don't hesitate to inquire :)
    OWNERS are welcome to get in touch, I've been pre-selling, re-selling, renting properties since 2012 so I'll be happy to help you :)
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